happy valentines dt !

this is my fucking throwaway website i guess. hey harley!!! hey athan!!! im actually making this on February13th so this is rushed and horrible i just remembered i did want ro do something for you guys on valentines that was a little online card. i should probably make it so that i hyperlink you guys seperatw notes onto different pages but ..frankly i forgot how to do the index page thing......super easy i think its just a hl. but thats me rambling to fill up space on this page besides we're dt. we're family we're friends we're lovers we're enemies we're gods and we're buddies so it feels right to write to both of you.
dear harley and athan,
youre very kind. and youre both funny and cool and interestinf which is why i enjoy speaking to you guys. and youve been there during times of distress not just for me but also for eachother when any one of us needs it i can tell and thats greay. very appreciated. you guys,,,,, well what can i aay that hasnt been said. i feel like im talking to inanimate objects right now even though im 90 percent sure im going to send this to you guys tomorrow so i should be more professional but i cant!!!! you guys are great fo restate. otherwise i wouldnt talk to you guys like, at all, so gou know i love tou ♡♡ ive had some of the most memorable conversations with you guys and the most fun with you guys too. we haave come a long way from whoretrio i think and thats something to reminisce on !! harley ive known you for a considerably smaller amount of time ive known athan for and im sorry to tell you this but i consider you just as close of a friend as i am to them. youre really cool guys. how else am i supposed to say it? if i had to choose 2 people to be stuck on a deserted island with it would probably be you guys. im sure you both have other people bevaise we would drive each other mad but i think thats exactly what i need in a lord of the flies scenario. both of you guys have tons of endurance and strenght and i also think thats part of the reason i have edurance and strenht since its bizzarre to me. forgive all my typos. i really like the both of you and i just hope you both knew that . or at least get one gift on valentines you fucking virgins

my love to you guys

youre going to have to forgive me for this . love both of you guys youre great friends