weehee !

happy supermega awesome birthday.!!!!! (silly sfx plays) happy birthday man. good day to be born i love the number 7. you did a lot to get here so i applaud that! like 365 days? id have been crying and sobbing by the 35th! im so glad you are one year closer to doing fuck all , it seems to be the dream.
i think when you do happen to go to senior year ot college (whichever comes first) you could be a big hoot. more like in college because i dont like highschool much but you know. you have that trendy-ish fashion sense and youre funny and you have struggles but all the more relatable factor and generally youre pleasant. hopefully things work out for you in the end
i just wanted to wish a happy birthday, dont know much else to say so hopefully your august 7th is filled with niceties and pleasantries only